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We at Borhan Farjoo believe that every client deserves our full attention when they are looking for a new mortgage, refinancing, or a line of credit for renovations on their biggest investment. Client service is the number one priority for Borhan as we use our expertise and years of experience to provide the best options for mortgages. We work with each client every step of the way throughout the whole process of the application, reviewing the options and terms and finally making their selection of whether to go with a bank-financed mortgage or with a private lender.

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Borhan Farjoo is a licensed mortgage broker with many years of experience in working with big banks, credit unions, and private lenders. Based in the Lower Mainland, our team is able to work with the many clients who choose us, to obtain the best rates and terms of all the various types of loans including mortgages, both residential and commercial, lines of credit, equipment leasing or financing as well as other types of business loans. At Borhan Farjoo, our expertise ensures that our clients receive the best options and are fully informed about all the fine print before making an informed decision.

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Borhan is truly caring kind and professional

Borhan is truly caring kind and professional. He’s helped my clients get approved a few times and I can’t be happier with his work. He’s always responsive and very patient with clients specially first time buyers. I highly recommend Borhan if you’re looking for a hardworking and honest broker.

Sal Toosi

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He supported us since we paid our first down-payment.

Borhan helped me and my husband to get our mortgage for a presale unit. He supported us since we paid our first down-payment. With his insight and support we managed to smoothly get prepared for the upcoming steps. For him, client peace of mind comes first both before and after approval. He is smart, knowledgeable, experienced, and a great communicator.

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Borhan is a great communicator and he can make sure you will get the best deal

Borhan is a great communicator and he can make sure you will get the best deal possible with his vast knowledge of the market. He is smart, hardworking and extremely patient. If you plan to purchase a home, I definitely recommend consulting with him as he can give you ideas on your finances to make everything move smoothly and stress free.

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